Degree courses held in English

First cycle degrees

First-cycle studies lead to a bachelor's degree qualification.

Animal care, a.y. 2017/18
Psychological science, a. y. 2017/18

Second cycle degrees

Second-cycle studies lead to the award of a master's degree.

School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine
Forest science, a. y. 2017/18
Italian food and wine, a. y. 2017/18
Sustainable agriculture, a. y. 2017/18
Biotecnologie per l'alimentazione, including the degree course track held in English "Biotechnologies for food science"

School of Economics and Political Sciences
Business administration,a. y. 2017/18
Economics and finance , a. y. 2017/18
Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a.y. 2017/18
Human rights and multi-level governance, a. y. 2017/18

School of Engineering
Environmental engineering,  a. y. 2017/18
ICT for Internet and multimedia, a.y. 2017/18
Mathematical Engineering, a. y. 2017/18

School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage
Local development. a. y. 2017/18
Local Development - STeDe Erasmus Mundus programme, in English and French
Historical Sciences- TPTI Erasmus Mundus programme, in English and French

School of Medicine
Medical biotechnologies, a. y. 2017/18
Pharmaceutical biotechnologies, a. y. 2017/18

School of Psychology
Cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology, a. y. 2017/18

School of Science
Data science, a.y. 2017/18
Physics, a.y. 2017/18